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1.Library Foundation year : 1989

2.Library Area : 2000 Sq.M.

3.Library Timing : 8.30 o 5.30 p.m.

4. Library Collection

 A) Books :- 9,560 (As on 31st March 2014)
 B) Periodicals/Journals :- 40
 C) News papers :-      11
 D) Non Book materials :-    249 CDs

5. Library staff :- 

Name Designation Qualification Experience
Mr. Gaikwad S.D. Librarian MLISc, MPhil, NET 17 Years
  Mr. Kadu Rakesh S. Attendant S.S.C. 15 Years
  Mr. Rathod Purushotam U. Attendant BA. BLib. 04 Years
  Mr. K.V. Pradhan Attendant S.S.C. 03 Years
  Mr. Padir Vitthal Peon T.Y. B.A. 03 Years

6. Types of Services:-
(i) Home lending.
(ii) Reading room.
(iii) Reference service.
(iv) Books reservation.
(v) Guidance in project preparation.
(vi) Guidance for competitive exams.
(vii) News paper clipping service.
(viii) Bibliographical service.
(ix) Internet facility for teaching staff.
(x) Reprography service.
(xii) Web-OPAC
(xiii)Computerized Books issue/return.
(xiv)Book Bank Scheme University of Mumbai.
(xv)Golden facility cards for Merit list students

Library Automation process is over “SOUL” Software is using for Library Management.

LIBRARY TIMING:- Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Sundays and Holidays Close.
LIBRARY CARDS :-For staff members there is no Library Membership Numbers, Students Library Members Number are issued on the back side of the College Identity Card.

Some rules and regulations of the library are prepared for smooth functioning of library.
1. One book will be issued for seven days for home reading.
2. If books is not returned within seven days, a fine of 2 Rs. Per day for seven days and after seven days 5/- Rs. Per day for remaining days will be charged.
3. Reference books and current periodicals will not be issued
 for home reading.
4. Book Bank Scheme Students books issued for one year.
5. One extra book issue for Girl student.
6. Two extra books issue for Golden facility cards students.
7. Books issued according to following days.

Faculty Days


Monday and Thursday
Science Tuesday and Friday
Commerce Wednesday and Saturday
B.Sc.It Wednesday and Saturday

8. If books are lose, or damaged then either replace new book to the library or one and half price will be charged.
9. Do not write or damage the books otherwise one and half price of the book will be charged.
10. Without valid identity card students will not be allowed to enter the library.
11. Keep silence in the library.
We are giving library services to the following readers.
(i) Students
(ii) Teaching & Non-teaching staff.
(i) Students:- We are giving following types of library services.
(a) Home lending.
(b) Reading hall.
(c) Periodicals and Reference service.
(d) Books Reservation service.
(e) Current awareness service.
(f) Golden facility card.
(a) New arrivals books display.
(b) Periodicals display.
(c) Notice board.

(a) Home lending :-  We issue one book at a time for 7 days on their demand. On and average we issue 60 to 75 books per day and also collect 50 to 60 books.
(b) Reading Hall :- We have provided reading hall facility to our college students. There they can issue books for reading & reference, old question papers, News papers issues on their identity card. The reading hall capacity at a time is 20 students at a time.
(c) Periodicals and Journals :- Periodicals and Journals are available for Teachers and Students for reading in the library, however back issues of  Periodicals/Journals issued for home reading.
(d) Books reservation Service:- We kept reserved the books to students on his/her demand.
(e) Current Awareness Service:- We display new arrived books on the new arrivals rack the in reading room. We also kept newspaper clipping files  and display new articles on various topics as well as we prepare current contents of journals file and kept in the staff room to keep abreast with the current  content.
 (f) Golden Facility card:- Golden facility card issued to merit list students can barrow two extra books on their barrowers card.
  (g) Teaching and Non teaching staff:- We have maintained barrowers cards of each staff in the library.
(h) Book Bank Scheme:- The Book Bank Scheme facility is available for Backward Class students, the funding body is Students Welfare University of Mumbai.

1. sodhganga
4.  free online journals
5. EBISCO Database
6. free online journals
7. free online journals
9. for N-List (Journals/Periodicals)
11. free encyclopedias
13. free newspapers
14. free dictionaries

Contact For Library :-
Library Email:-
Phone No. 02148220075.